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Mantel accessories, tile mosaic decor, silver fruit bowl as centerpiece

Make a statement with accessories

As we start a New Year and are packing away all the holiday decorations, I challenge you to take a fresh new look at your accessories. Instead of putting things back exactly as they were, move them around to a new spot or room.

Update photos that you have displayed in frames and even try moving paintings from one room to another for a new perspective. Dig out accessories that you may have packed away (unused wedding presents or forgotten gifts) and give them a second look. You will be surprised at how an entirely new look can be achieved in a room just by moving things around a bit.

Lighted glass bookcase arrangement, throw pillows

Just as we rearrange our closets for the season, so should we rearrange our home decor. Seasonal changes such as tapestry or chenille throw pillows, heavy wooden or metal pieces, and thick rich rugs give a wonderfully warm feel to your room in winter while light chintz or linen throw pillows, colorful glass mixed with silver pieces, and sisal or natural rugs give a lighter brightness to your room in spring and summer.

Freshen up an old lamp just by replacing the shade for a bright new look. Rescue a plant from its usual spot and elevate it atop a column or stand to energize a corner of a room. Remember that accessories are the finishing touch and should reflect your rooms décor, as well as, your own personality.

Mantel decor, custom floral arrangement

To create the most dramatic impact, group like objects together instead of scattering them around the room. Vary the heights of the pieces to add visual interest by using hardback books, easels or plate stands to create height. Mix in a little nature with your accessories by using gourds, pinecones, acorns, flowers and other items found in your yard.

Our own personalities dictate how much we accessorize our rooms and there are really no hard and fast rules. So move things around to your heart's content and if things just don't feel right, move them around some more!

Bookcase arrangement close-up
Overview of room with bookcase, mantel, leather sectional and ottoman and oriental rug
Full view of room with leather sectional, pool table and custom painting on metal

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