LH Interiors, Lisa Higgason, ASID, RID
Lobby of office in downtown Dallas

Designing for business

Commercial interior design requires an understanding of the individuals who use a space and how that space is used. A well designed commercial space will promote an appropriate business environment, stylistically reflecting the personality of the business and effectively enhancing relationships with clients.

Making a statement

First impressions at this office setting in downtown Dallas set the tone for clients and vendors, with a conference room off of the entrance lobby, reflects the style and importance of the company. A custom-made granite conference table, dark leather swivel chairs and a dry erase board hidden behind a rich cherry wood cabinet, add importance and elegance to the functional pieces in the space. The original Texas flag lets this company's nationwide clients know where the business is based. Contemporary original oil paintings and a natural stone statue add a more eclectic feel to a traditional setting. The eclectic mix is also seen in the lobby by by the use of a glass and metal coffee table, tuilled metal and wood chest mixed with the more traditional oriental rug.

Custom chair with zig-zag end table and natural rock accessory
Custom-made granite conference table

Working from home

In this age of technology, the home office has become an integral part of interior design. As more people make the choice to office from home, there is a need for adequate work space and even client conferences. Finding the right style of furnishings and the appropriate work surfaces for each project has become much easier since most of the major furniture manufacturers have greatly improved their home office offerings. As with any space, the office should reflect the style of the person using it.

View of a home office setting
Details from a home office: leather settee photo and close up of original oil painting of ballerina

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